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Our classroom is a special place. It’s the kitchen of our building, and we spend time sharing food and stories and ideas around the table. It acts as a community gathering place where everyone is welcome. You can bet to find us here anytime you’re in the store. 

Our classroom is overflowing with amazing things to create with. We host classes for all age groups as well as enjoy being a place to have your next party. Bridal showers and birthday parties focused on creativity with heART are fun and fabulous right here in The Classroom. Sometimes the fun gets so big we spill out into the parking lot. Join us for a class anytime! 


Marcie Kronwall

Woman, Teacher, Mother, Thespian

Gregarious and fun, Marcie makes you comfortable getting a little uncomfortable by effortlessly inspiring you to go further than you’d push yourself to go, in the sweetest, most understanding way. She believes in the authentic exploration of ideas and stories and her hope is to empower women to create beautiful things just for the joy of it. 

We have had a variety of fabulous teachers over the years. Currently, our classes are taught by Amy and Marcie, but we are always open to someone coming in with an idea they want to teach. If  you’re interested, stop by the store for a chat around the table. 


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