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Magpies is founded on Amy’s belief that the community needed a place where everyone felt like family.  Amy’s vision is much larger than a store, a classroom, and unique vintage finds. Her beliefs about how people should be treated and how to boost a community through connection and kindness is the guiding light to all those who choose to work toward her vision. Whatever day of the week you come in, those that are heralding her vision will greet you with a smile, Amy style.  

Meet Amy



Our Magpie Buyers

We are thrilled to be heading back to Atlanta Market this year!  We've been going to Vegas for a while and it's time to hit our favorite market.  This year, Darcie Palmer, Melissa Blank, Vicki Paul and I will be attending and bringing back some amazing finds -both on order and in the Cash & Carry Section!  See ya in a couple of weeks. 


Magpies Boutique

To source beautiful, special items that make people happy and fund our overall vision. 

The Classroom


To provide a space for learning and laughing together with classes offered as often as teachers are willing.

The Early Bird

We love magical little treasures and great finds that inspire creativity. You never know what you’ll find.

The Nest

To curate uniquely beautiful vintage furniture and finds that give new life and happiness to old things. 



We are happy to have a group of amazing ladies that believe in the Magpies vision and embody it everyday. Made up of mostly volunteers, between us is a wealth of knowledge and experience we are happy to share.  


We are committed to serving everybody and don’t want anyone to miss out on what we offer based on money. Through past generosity, we have been able to offer classes and experiences and items free of charge and we love being able to do that. Maybe you don’t wish to take a class or shop at the boutique, but you still believe in and want to help further the Magpies vision. You can do that right here. 

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